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Want to add a video or presentation to your page? A player can be embedded with on/off and volume controls. I can create photo slide shows or combine video with still photos, adding music and/or narration.

Do you want a website with your YouTube videos embedded on it? Let me create you one.

Did you record a video that needs editing and sprucing up with titles, transitions and music?

I created the video below for WICC600 radio in Bridgeport, CT. from an audio interview by Johnny Rizzo with Leo Gorcey Jr., about his father Leo Gorcy. Leo Gorcy was one of the actors in the Bowery Boy and Eastside Kid films.

Click the arrow to play. Your volume must be on to hear the audio.
(Note: Download for dialup users will be slower and it is recommended to let it play through once then play again for normal play.)

If you have any questions, please contact me.