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Custom graphics, logos, link buttons and page headers make your webpages more attractive and stand out. They also keep the theme of your site consistant.

Individual customized graphics can be purchased separately or as a part of a web package.

Examples of a couple of page title graphics are below:

The following graphic is an example of an overlay of one picture over another. I overlayed a picture of Lucky Luciano over the New York Times for author Ellen Poulsen for her website.

Custom graphics are not just for websites. They can be used as desktop images to personalize your computer's desk top.

Photo Editing & Restoration

Most old or damaged photos can be restored. Some black and whites can even be colorized. I can edit your photo to remove undesirable images. Backgrounds can be removed and overlayed onto another background.

The image below was given to me by family of the notorious Barrow Gang for restoration.

The owner of the vintage car below, wanted to see what it would have looked like in it's original color of black.

Do you have cherished pictures on the older large negatives that are too expensive to have processed? I can process them digitally and put them on cd where you can print them out or use to email. If the negative is damaged, I can usually restore the image.

Let me help you with all your graphic needs, large or small.

If you have any questions, please contact me.