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Custom Video
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Price List

Website Design:

Full websites include graphics, logo if needed, links, etc.
Pricing is calculated by the amount of pages, graphics and photos
needed to create the site. If you would like a quote for your
website please contact me. I strive to create a design that best
suits the subject of your website. I work directly with my clients
to make sure they are satisfied through all phases of the site's
creation. Please see my portfolio for examples of my past work. I'm
also available to maintain your site with updates at reasonable rates.

Individual Pricing:

Custom Logo - $45 & up
Custom Graphic - $25 & up
Animated Logo - $65 & up
Your Logo Enhanced - $15 & up
Custom Animation - $45 & up
Custom audio - $15 - $25 & up
Custom Video - $50 & up
Photo Editing and Restoration:

Photo touchup - $15 each
Extreme photo editing or restoration - $25 & up
Colorizing Black and white - $25 & up
Payment methods accepted:

Cash, checks, money orders & most major credit and debit cards.

Credit & debit cards accepted online safely and securely through PayPal.

If you have any questions, please contact me.