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It's 2007. Life in the fast lane. You are juggling careers and family. No time to shop or go to the library for info. You need something and you want it now. You want to know something and you want to know it now. Where do you go? To the internet.

More and more people are relying on the internet for information and shopping. You have your own small business, but your competitors have the edge. They have websites. You have something to offer but are only reaching a small percentage of the public. A website gives you the opportunity reach farther than you ever dreamed before. Even if your business is a local service or restaurant, you still need a website. Your local customers may just want to see what your hours are. Maybe they want to see your menu before they come to dine. A website can give them the information they need to make them want to do business with you. A website is one of the least expensive forms of advertising on the market today. You can spend hundreds of dollars a month on newspaper, magazine, and phone book ads. Cut these costs by reducing your ad and including your website address where potential customers can find an abundance of information about your business. It all sounds great, but you may not know how to build a website nor have the time. That is where I come in.

I will build your website from start to finish. We will first discuss the look you want for your website. If you have a logo, I can replicate it for your website. If you need a logo, I will design one for you. I will create a sample draft for you to view for approval. Your website can be simple or elaborate depending on the look you want to present to your customers. Once a design and look has been created that you are satisfied with then hosting for your website will need to be set up.

I will help you get set up with a hosting provider and selecting your domain name. Your hosting provider stores your website info and makes it available on the web. Your domain is your URL or web address where people will find your website, such as www.yourname.com. Hosting usually comes with a free domain name and runs about $8.95 - $11.95 a month for a decent size website. Your hosting fee is paid directly to the host. The company I recommend most because they don't have long term contracts. So many companies now days including utility companies are forcing people to use a long term contract so they can stick it to you if you decide to drop their service for any reason.

Once your hosting is set up, then I will start creating your website with the information that you provide. I will first create a temporary home page so customers can immediately find basic and contact info, while I continue to work on the rest of your website. The temporary home page will have a statement to let visitors know that more features will be coming soon and to please check back. It will contain and email address and/or phone number and address so you will not loose any potential business.

The length of time it takes to build your website depends on how quickly I receive your information needed to build it. I will have a page made up with links to your other pages, so only you can check the progress. Once the site is completed and meets your satisfaction and any balance is paid for my services, the temporary home page will be replaced with the actual full feature home page that provides links to your additional pages. I will give you tips on how to inexpensively advertise your website locally.

Do you want to sell directly from your website? I can set up an internet store for you where you can easily add your inventory, manage your inventory and sales. Customers can buy and pay directly on line via credit card, debit card or by check or money order.

Not all websites are business sites. Maybe you need a personal home page with a blog. A lot of couples are posting their upcoming wedding announcements on the internet with photos and a place to later add honeymoon pictures and info. These are usually temporary websites. Many authors are putting up websites to promote their books and give information about themselves. These are great sites to visit to order autographed copies of their books. Websites are a great place to provide information on your extensive research on a particular subject. The possibilities are endless.

If you have any questions or would like for me to build your website, please contact me.