"Since I was invited to attend the booksigning at Joplin, and had the pleasure of meeting Rick Mattix and his wife Linda, R.D. Morgan and his wife Naomi, Mike Koch and James Knight, I also got to tag along on their cemetery tour, and tour the "Bonnie & Clyde" apartment. The apartment tour was my favorite. Of course, being in the company of historians who knew every crack and cranny made it even more fascinating. Starting with just where the car was parked in the downstairs garage, working our way up the stairs and through the apartment, someone had the scoop on just what had taken place in each room. I was shown where Bonnie and Clyde slept, where Blanche and Buck had slept, where they kept the guns, and the perfect view from their window of their get-a-way route. I could just imagine going back in time, feeling the stress and fear that Bonnie and Blanche must have felt being on the lam and wondering just when the next gun battle would begin."
- Pam Tippet (Granddaughter of Edna "The Kissing Bandit" Murray)
Visitor: Dec. 2007

"Phillip, I want to thank you for allowing our group the opportunity to visit and stay the night in the Joplin Apartment. You have done a fine job in maintaining the history that took place there. History is not always good or bad,but we learn from it and thanks for keeping it alive. It was a pleasure meeting you for you were the perfect host. I look forward to seeing you again.Thanks."
- Buddy Barrow
Guest: Sept. 2007

"Phillip and Jackie did a fantastic job in restoring this historical apartment. The vintage decor is lovely. It's cozy and comfortable. I can't begin to express how it felt to spend the night there. It was incredible to be able to walk through and study every room, piecing together the events and getting a feel of what it was like when the Barrow Gang stayed ther. It was exciting, yet sad when you think of the tragic events that happened the day of the shootout. It was so special to be able to sleep in the room that my cousin Blanche slept in. Funny thing, I didn't sleep much from the excitement and would peak out the window everytime a car drove by. I laughed at myself thinking this must have been what Blanche did every night, in fear of the law showing up.

Two thumbs up for Phillip and Jackie for their effort in preserving the historical garage apartment and for being such gracious hosts. My stay at the Joplin hideout was one I will never forget. I highly recommend it to anyone."
- Debborah Moss (Blanche Barrow's cousin)
Guest: Sept. 2007

"A visit to Joplin's Bonnie and Clyde shoot out site represents an authentic step back in history to the days of the machine-gun wielding Public Enemy and the G-men of the dirty thirties. Whether it's the view the infamous duo observed from the bedroom they slept in, the 1930's decor, the bullet pockmarks on the building or standing in the spot the heroic fallen officers lay the realism of this well preserved historic site is awe inspiring to any lover of American History. It's the real deal."
- R. D. Morgan
Author of "Taming the Sooner State" and "The Tri-State Terror"
Guest: May 2007

"Rick and I feel so fortunate we had the opportunity to stay in such a wonderful historic site. Having the apartment redone to resemble the 1930s was a real plus. Sleeping in the same room Bonnie & Clyde slept in will be a memory that will last a lifetime. We are looking forward to staying here again in the near future."
- Rick and Linda Mattix
Rick Mattix is the co-author of "The Complete Public Enemy Almanac"
Guest: May 2007

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