Stepping into the vintage kitchen is like stepping into the past. Tiled counter tops, built in hutch and a charming old stove. The cozy booth although not original is similar to the original setting. The kitchen cabinets, sink and counter top also are not original but the owner kept the era in mind when restoring to keep it close to the original layout. The Hutch replaces the single french doorway that led from the kitchen to the stairwell.

On April 13, 1933, Buck Barrow's wife Blanche had been playing solitaire on the table. She could see Buck through the kitchen window as he washed their car out back, in preparation for the two of them leaving the next day. She was at the stove boiling an egg for Bonnie when the shootout began. When Blanche heard the gunfire, she grabbed her dog Snowball and put him on the table to keep him safe.

Built-in hutchBooth


Vintage stove

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