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Rhea Leen Linder, Bonnie Parker's niece and a dear friend of mine asked me to post the message below to anyone in search of facts in regards to her Aunt Bonnie. It is the family's way of putting an end to rumors that have gotten out of hand recently and in the past. It's easy for us to get caught up in collecting the knowledge on a subject and be disappointed when there are blanks in history. Some blanks can't be filled if the facts died with them. Anything else would be presumptuous. I have always said, "If you are looking for the truth, don't be disappointed if you don't like what you find. Just be glad you got the truth." -- Debbie Moss


"Our family would certainly know if she EVER was pregnant and definitely if she had a child or twins - for one thing the baby would never be adopted out - it would have definitely been taken care of by Emma and Jean and rest of family - when they searched for me constantly for 3 years - not having any idea of where I might be - but kept looking - with no help from anyone but the "Welfare dept." - you know darn well that they would have kept any child of Bonnie's - no matter who the daddy was.There were ONLY 3 grandchildren in Bonnie's family - Billie Jean's 2 children, Buddy and Jackie - who passed away at age 2 and 4 - and Buster's daughter, me, Bonnie Ray Parker - and Jean had my name changed to Rhea Leen Frazier when I was in 5th grade.
When does common sense prevail in anything that concerns B&C - I have missed Marie so much - not only for the friendship and things we had planned - but for her knowledge - to at least put so much of this B.S. to rest.

Billie Jean and Marie both - many more times than once - told me that BONNIE NEVER HAD ANY CHILDREN - and I defer to them as the "ONLY EXPERTS" ON THIS SUBJECT. To ALL of the self-claimed experts and FAMILY WANNA-BE'S - I ask - "WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU WANT TO BE KIN TO BONNIE AND CLYDE?????" No matter what the circumstances - they were still outlaws and did wrong - I thank God that Bonnie never shot anyone - but still she chose to remain on the wrong side of the law with Clyde - eventho, Clyde, Emma, Billie Jean and Buster tried to get her to come home before it was to late - she could have but she chose to stay with Clyde - knowing the ultimate end was to come.

I know that Jeff Guinn said that "HISTORY IS "YOUR BEST GUESS" and preceded to write his book on that opinion - doing whatever it takes to "spice up" his book - and naming it "The True and Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde" and then preceeds to lie in it - how can that be considered to be "True and Untold" - in all the other books written and stories told- it was NEVER intimated that she was a "prostitute". That was an out and out lie - I checked with historians that I trust - John Neal Phillips, Jonathan Davis and Boots Hinton, as well as others- and they all said that was not in anything that they had seen- nothing had been intimated to that effect - so I guess that was Jeff's "Best Guess" in his mind. Someone said that he chose to use that BECAUSE she wrote the poem about a prostitute - she wrote a poem about "Suicide Sal" but we all know that she DIDN'T commit suicide."

-- Rhea Leen Linder aka Bonnie Ray Parker
Oct. 1, 2010

Please note: This website does not belong to Rhea Leen and you cannot contact her through this website nor do I forward messages to her or give out her contact info. She is my friend and I posted her message on my site as a favor. She likes her privacy and I respect that as a friend.

Debbie Moss