"The Ballad of Blanche Barrow"

written and perfomed by Craig Robertson

Craig is a Boston singer/songwriter who performs his dark, melodic tunes accompanied by a ukulele. He is the originator and MC of the monthly Ukulelia.com, a cabaret-style show which features some of New England's best ukulele players. His ability at musical storytelling is enhanced by his edgy baritone. Craig has performed at venues all over the United States, from Boston to San Francisco. He has 4 CDs out of original music.

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Robertson Studio
The Ballad of Blanche Barrow

About the song:

The Ballad of Blanche Barrow was written when Gary Peare, another writer on the blog Ukulelia.com, published this photo of Blanche Barrow playing the ukulele. He suggested in his post that this would make a good topic for a Craig Robertson song. Craig agreed and after researching her story on her on this website, by the next week he had posted a recording of the song he had written. All the instruments and singing was done by Craig Robertson. He has graciously allowed me to share the song with visitors of Blanche's site. The song will be featured on his next CD.

"Debbie, I did go to your site and loved it. Your site really did influence the way I thought about her, and the song I wrote. The song just came about because, the more I read about her, the more I felt she had never been portrayed accurately. You're right, she fell in love with the wrong man...¦but she stuck by him through thick or thin. And there was a LOT of thin." - Craig Robertson

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Craig Robertson photos and music courtesy of Craig Roberts.